About Me - Weasel Loader Photo by Dan Lesovsky

Dan Lesovsky

Rodeo and event photographer

Born and raised in Southern California San Gabriel Valley

Retired Air Force Weapons Loader (1987-2007).  B-52G, F-4G & F-16 Wild Weasels

Currently working for JT3 at USAF Test Pilot School as Mission Operations Scheduler.

BS Business Management (thank you GI Bill)

Most frequently asked question is what gear do I use for my rodeo photography.  Camera bodies consist of two Nikon D4's.  My primary lenses for capturing the action is a 400mm f/2.8 and 70-200mm f/2.8.  The lens I choose depends on the event and size of arena.  I also have a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens for times I want a different look.  I've never shot with strobes for action since 99% of my work is outdoors in daylight, but I do use them for portraits.  Finally,  I use Adobe Lightroom to process all of my images.

Starting in March 2016, I do minimal edits on my rodeo galleries.  This allows me to get the photos uploaded much quicker for you to view.  Once photos are selected for purchase, there is a 4-day proof hold where I go in and do final edits that will look like the photos I post on my Instagram and Facebook feed.

I currently shoot California High School Rodeo District 9 rodeos from Sept through May and Tehachapi Mountain Rodeo Association Jr Rodeos from May through August.  In between, I will shoot TMRA Bad Bulls and anything else I can fit in my schedule.

Occasionally, I will have time to shoot portraits as well.  Contact me for details.

Message me anytime for any questions you have about my website, photos, or photography in general.

 Thanks for visiting.

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